Remote Teaching

Face-to-face learning, blended learning and online learning are on the same continuum of course delivery. If you have put course material online for students to access in addition to classroom activities, you have started to blend your course delivery. If all compulsory, structured learning activities are online, then you have crossed into online learning.

Blended learning can begin with making content available online for students: some reading or video weblinks, the syllabus, the lecture notes, the assignments or some assessments. If you are readapting from online learning to blended learning, you and your students might use some of those resources in your face-to-face classroom sessions.

Consider some of the CTL resources listed below:


Teach Online with Video

Synchronous web conferencing and pre-recorded videos, either do it yourself or on-campus with support.

Remote Access to Labs & Classrooms

Remote access to campus computer labs, and on-campus video recording in Blended Teaching Studio Classrooms.

Online Grading

Learn about online assessment tools including Canvas Assignment, Grades and Speedgrader.

Additional Supports

CTL Support

Contact the CTL for blended and online learning support.


Check CTL Events for workshops,


Join the Teaching Online Learning Community (TOLC).


Contact UBC Okanagan IT for equipment needs.


Learn more about UBC Okanagan’s policies and processes regarding academic integrity.