New Frontiers in Teaching and Learning

Tips: Teaching with Virtual Reality

Are you considering using Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance teaching? At UBC Okanagan, we are privileged to have access to tools enabling immersive learning experiences through VR and the CTL is collaboratively working with instructors on ways to maximize the benefits of using the VR medium for learning. With these tools come questions around pedagogical […]

Deciding How To Integrate Generative AI Into An Assignment

Further to the instructor decision-making flowchart around when to integrate GenAI into an assignment, below is an AI Assessment Scale adapted from the one developed by Lucas Wright based on work by Furze 2024 on how to integrate GenAI into assignments and assessments in general. A common theme in both is to start by […]

Deciding when to integrate Generative AI into an assignment

We have adapted this student-directed flowchart to support instructors in their own decision making around the process of incorporating the use of GenAI in their assignments.  We welcome your input ( to help us continue to refine this resource. 

Generating Copilot Prompts

Did you know that Microsoft rebranded Bing Chat as Copilot? Currently, faculty and students have access to the Consumer version of Copilot.   Tip of the month: How to generate an effective prompt 

Resources to help integrate GenAI into your teaching

Thank you to everyone who contacted us regarding the call for collaborations in course design using GenAI!