Setting Up Canvas

Canvas is an online course delivery, and learning management system you can use to distribute content, arrange online activities, and track student performance. It can be blended with your in-person classroom activities, or you can deliver your course fully online.

Getting Started

Canvas 101

Take this self-paced online course to get an introduction to the Canvas tools and how to incorporate it into your teaching.

Canvas Template

Use this UBC Okanagan template as a starting point for your Canvas course. Follow the step-by-step instructions, use it as a checklist, and pick and choose what parts you want to keep or discard.

CTL Canvas Support

Canvas Access

Start by accessing your Canvas course. CTL can help with access procedures, and can provide access to non-credit course shells. Are you teaching two sections simultaneously? CTL can merge them into one Canvas shell for you.

Canvas Support Guides

Access illustrated instructions to most Canvas tools on this public facing CTL Support Canvas course that supplements the CTL website.

Canvas Workshops

Attend Canvas workshops held seasonally near the time of term you will need a certain technology and teaching skill.