Work-Integrated Learning

Learn from others about the diversity of Work Integrated Learning programs in BC’s higher education sector, build connections and be part of a community of passionate Work Integrated Learning educators and practitioners.

WIL stands for Work Integrated Learning (which currently includes 9 types based on CEWIL Canada’s definition, including co-operative education, internships, apprenticeships, and more, and CoP stands for Community of Practice. In essence, this is a regular meetup where people in the WIL ecosystem come to share their experiences with WIL. Each meeting will have a designated “speaker” who will share some elements of their work. 

Any professional who is working, practicing, researching and/or is engaged with Work Integrated Learning in higher-education in British Columbia.

As a CoP member you will spend an hour hearing what others in the WIL community are doing. CoP members will be asked to volunteer to take turns to be the ‘lead’ of a meetup, to share with others what they do as part of their WIL work. Sharing can be done with or without slides; it really isn’t that formal.

Alon Eisenstein, Assistant Professor of Teaching, School of Engineering.  

The WIL-CoP will meet bi-monthly starting in October, typically on a Tuesday at 12pm.   

All meetings will take place via Zoom and are open to professionals from across British Columbia from all institutions of higher education. The WIL-CoP is a collaboration with ACE-WIL, the Association for Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning BC/Yukon 


This Community of Practice has been active since October 2023.