Leveraging Digital Assessment Techniques

This new faculty learning community seeks to examine literature-informed best practices in digital assessment techniques, thereby promoting teaching excellence and student success.

In today’s digital era, the incorporation of emerging teaching and assessment technologies brings substantial benefits to both students and instructors. This CoP initiative aims to facilitate the sharing of innovative strategies and resources in this realm. By joining, instructors will have the opportunity to contribute to discussions led by invited speakers sharing their own experiences with implementing digital assessment and teaching technologies, including lessons learned

We welcome all instructors to encourage cross-institutional collaboration and support for those interested in exploring digital assessments. 

We meet both in-person (SCI 331) and online via Zoom. 

At each meeting, we focus on a different digital assessment technique or tool that has potential to enhance learning as well as improve course resource accessibility and ease of use, reduce feedback time for students, and provide instructors with flexibility in the creation, delivery, monitoring, and marking of course assessments. 

In addition, we apply principles of learner-centred course and assessment design to evaluate the various assessment tools and their implementation. Specifically, we aim to uncover ways in which digital assessments can improve overall student experiences (autonomy, self-efficacy, connections with peers) and contribute to well-being (flexibility, clarity, usability) as well as provide instructors with flexibility in the creation, delivery, monitoring, and marking of course assessments.

  • Foster a collaborative environment where faculty members can share, learn, and support each other with emerging digital assessment strategies and technologies. 
  • Discuss the different ways that digital assessment tools have been used in the creation, implementation and marking of formative and summative assignments and exams, including examining how digital assessment tools are being used to measure student learning gains. 
  • Encourage cross-collaboration and knowledge exchange on evidence-based digital assessment practices across disciplines and institutions. 
  • Zoë Soon, Associate Professor of Teaching, Biology, IKB Faculty of Science, ZoeAnne.Soon@ubc.ca 
  • Peyman Yousefi, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Civil Engineering, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, yousefi.p@ucalgary.ca 

This Community of Practice has been active since January 2024. 

Please contact Barbara Komlos (barbara.komlos@ubc.ca) to be added to the Teams Channel for this Community of Practice and receive the most up-to-date information about meeting dates/times