Educational Leadership

The CTL at UBC Okanagan is a supporter of the Educational Leadership Program.  Our goal is to support faculty in this stream by providing opportunities, support and resources.

Current resources are from the CTLT (Vancouver) website:

Educational Leadership (EL) at UBC is defined as: “an activity taken at UBC and elsewhere to advance innovation in teaching and learning with impact beyond one’s classroom.” This agreed-upon definition is the result of a Collective Agreement between the University of British Columbia and the Faculty Association of UBC.

Educational Leadership Program

Educational Leadership Mapping Tool

The Educational Leadership Mapping (ELM) tool is an organizing framework to help you make sense of where you are within the educational leadership “landscape.” It is designed to help you plot past and future journeys and contributes to a shared understanding across all faculty members (although educational leadership is a formal requirement among Educational Leadership Faculty, it is not exclusively enacted by these faculty members.)

Mapping Tool

Evidence of impact

Demonstrations of Educational Leadership must extend beyond a list of activities; it is essential to be able to articulate the impact of your EL work. Consultation with various members of the university community led to the creation of 6 categorical areas of impact, grouped into three segments: people, processes and products. For each of theses categories, it is useful to specify the extent of impact, determined by scale, scope, and specific contribution.

Evidence of Impact

Additional Resources

Examples of Educational Leadership, Faculty of Science UBC (pdf file)

Teaching and Learning Framework (pdf file)