Sally Stewart

Who or what sparked your initial interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?

My students sparked my interest! I get inspired when I see their excitement and understanding so I want to always teach better . . so they can learn more, then take that knowledge out into our community to make it a better place. I love that I get to teach in the health field, but also to research how the health of students themselves impacts their learning.

What SoTL project are you currently engaged in and excited about?

I have 3 SoTL projects on the go right now and all are related to student wellbeing and learning. One is about increasing student access to the HEAL 100 course, Introduction and Principles of Health and Wellbeing and to continue evaluating its impact on student resiliency. The second project is about training all faculty to help create classroom environments and practices to facilitate student wellbeing. My third project is developing and evaluating online curriculum modules on weight bias and eating disorders for health profession programs.

What questions in SoTL are you excited to answer in the future?

There is still so much to investigate around student wellbeing and academic success. I feel like we’ve just scratched the surface on this ever so important factor in higher education learning. The other challenge I continue to be excited about is integrating more healthy lifestyle education into the health professions; already very content-heavy programs.

Why should others get involved in SoTL?

Every teacher has so much to share and unique ways to shine and help their students shine. By taking one of those ideas, developing it and testing it, gives rise to collaboration and connection and better student learning. It makes work more fun and together we can do so much more!

What is something everyone should try in Kelowna?

Anything in the lovely outside! on the rail trail, on the water or on top of a mountain, then refuel with Okanagan produce!

If you had to talk for an hour straight about a non-academic topic, what would it be?

Likely my other passions such as running, skiing (all kinds), woodworking, baking, my adult kids and their adventures, family and friends, my summer cabin.

What is your favourite restaurant or cuisine?

The veggie sliders at Midtown Bistro in Vernon.

What is your favourite country to vacation?


What is your favourite novel?

A good medical mystery.

What is your favourite animal as a pet?

We have a crazy cat named Willoughby and would love a good running dog, but can’t have one.

What is your favourite sports or sports team?

Running is my fav and consistent, but I love the seasonal activities from waterskiing to snowshoe running, to biking, to downhill or XC skiing, to hiking.

A photo of Dr. Stewart waterskiing

A photo of Dr. Stewart waterskiing

What is your favourite video, card, or board game?

Catan, Monopoly or Uno.


If you’re interested in hearing more about Dr. Stewart’s projects, or wanting to collaborate on other projects, connect with her at