Teaching Remotely

Teaching online can be engaging, interactive, and effective when course instructors have time to design and prepare their lessons, and when they and their students have time to master the learning technologies that support online instruction.

We encourage you to start thinking about your Fall courses now, so you have time to design your courses, identify practices for facilitating learning online, and learn to use the tools you need to bring it to life.

Ready to re-design your course for online delivery?

Great! Navigate this site to find resources to support your teaching including guides, videos, and one-on-one consultations. If you are not sure where to begin, use the tool below to help you get started.

Are you ready to teach online?


Would you be be willing to share your approach with other instructors?

Consider reviewing UBC's principles of online teaching

What components of online teaching do you think you need help with?

Learning Design

For example,
choosing assessment techniques

Using/Choosing Technologies

For example, choosing
which video lecture software to use

Training My TAs

The CTL partners with TA’s to create a learning community that provides support and professional growth opportunities.

Download a printable copy of the above information: Online Teaching Flowchart (pdf)