Curriculum Review

The Centre for Teaching and Learning can provide consultations and workshops for teaching, learning, and curriculum development (including writing learning outcomes), as well as guide or assist with course, assessment, and curriculum development initiatives within faculties or departments.

This may include:

    • Course (Re)Design– matching goals of the courses with student outcomes and inclusion goals
    • Curriculum Review– analysis of current curriculum in light of future vision (offerings and sequencing) that align with program level learning outcomes or competencies
    • Curriculum Innovation– renewing curriculum along a current theme or trend
    • Program (Re)Design– identify and evaluate program-level learning outcomes.  For more information about Ministry requirements for program redesign, contact the Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic.

Potential Goals of Curriculum Renewal:

  1. Evaluating learning outcomes
  2. Enhance curriculum offerings
  3. Measure program quality
  4. Prepare for accreditation

Curriculum renewal requires a substantial investment of time. The CTL is available to assist and support your department and individual faculty members throughout the process.  The CTL is also working closely with the Provost’s office to support Program Redesign initiatives.

Contact the CTL to Arrange a Consultation

Our staff have many years of teaching experience, have worked with many faculty and observed hundreds of classes in different disciplines. They are practiced in helping you plan successful student learning experiences.