The Course Syllabus

UBC requires all instructors to inform students about the requirements, standards, objectives and evaluation procedures at the beginning of each course. Instructors must give this information to students either in writing or digitally at the beginning of the course. If a change needs to be made, it must be announced well in advance of the change and confirmed in writing if possible.

The syllabus holds the status of a legal contract. In it you spell out policies on any issues that bear on the student’s responsibilities. It is only fair to the students, but is essential to your interests in the event of a grade appeal. Read more about what is required in the syllabus according to the Senate resources. Your academic department may also have a list of syllabus requirements, policies and templates.

Aside from the legal aspect, the syllabus is where you can outline your plan for the course and how you will make the course fair, equitable and inclusive. Take advantage of the CTL Syllabus Checklist and other related resources.

Resources from the UBC Okanagan Senate

  • UBC Okanagan Course Syllabus Template (Forms section)
  • Resources to Support Student Success (Resources section)
    • Includes recommended descriptions of the Disability Resource Centre, Equity and Inclusion Office, Health & Wellness, Student Learning Hub.
  • Suggested Academic Integrity Statement (Resources section)

Senate Forms & Resources