Designing Assignments and Assessments

Assessments are usually designed when you have reviewed what competencies you want students to exhibit in a way that you can measure them. Ideally the assessment would be in a real-world context but only measure how well the student mastered what is described in the learning outcomes. Often, though, real-world challenges cannot easily or safely be recreated in the classroom, and the most practical assessments for grading large classes in a short period are classroom performances, assignments, and time-limited tests.

We can help you design formative and summative assessments in general and online assessments in particular, and grade them.

Assessment for Learning

Assessment is an ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving student learning.

Online Assessments

Explore best practices for online assessments.

Grading Assessments 

Grades can serve as a communication tool between students and instructors and allow instructors to track the progress of students.

Assessment Strategies to Reduce Academic Misconduct

Learn more about practices you may consider when designing a course or an assessment to reduce academic misconduct.