Student & Peer Feedback

Student feedback can provide insight into what was effective or ineffective within a given course. As in most post-secondary institutions, UBC uses end of course student evaluations. These evaluations provide what may be considered valuable but nonexpert student perspective. In addition, research has been shown that student evaluations are subject to gender and ethnicity bias (Fan et al., 2019; Peterson, Biederman, Andersen, Ditonto, & Roe, 2019). Thus, student feedback should also be on of several data sources you use to reflect and improve your teaching. Other courses can include peer review of teaching as well as ongoing reflective practice.

Some instructors also engage in midterm course surveys with students. Research has shown that implementing changes due to the feedback can have a positive impact on end of term feedback as well as enhancing the value students place on course evaluations (Taylor, Knorr, Ogrodnik & Sinclair, 2020).

Midpoint Feedback

We recommend a mid-semester feedback survey halfway through the course

Peer Review of Teaching

An outline of best practices for both formative and summative Peer Review.


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Teaching Evaluations

Teaching Evaluations are administered by Okanagan Planning and Institutional Research (OPAIR).  Please connect with the OPAIR team for more information.

Past Student Evaluation of Teaching Reports can be accessed at:

SEoT reports (prior to 2018W1 – CourseEval)SEoT reports (2018W1 onwards – Blue)