Invitation: Collaborate with CTL on course and assessment design using GenAI!

Are you intrigued by how GenAI could augment your course and assessment design and/or have you been dabbling with ChatGPT (or another AI tool) to create innovative assessments or course content? If so, we at CTL would like to join forces with you and collaborate on a specific project of your choice!

We are seeking instructors from two different disciplines who have the capacity to help us launch this shared learning opportunity starting as early as January 2024. We have been exploring the potential of these tools towards supporting student learning and reducing instructor workload. After a comparative analysis, we recommend BingChat for its superior accessibility, privacy, and capabilities compared to ChatGPT4.

If you would like to dedicate some time next term experimenting with us (Bing included!), please share your idea at: .

Looking forward to collaboratively paving the way for effective, ethical use of GenAI in teaching and learning!