Academic Updates

Academic Director’s December Update – Final Exams

Recognizing outstanding instructors and preparing for final exams. 

Academic Director’s November Update – Midterm Reflection

Midterm season is a perfect time to assess and reflect on your courses and teaching methods. Gathering student feedback and acting on this data can lead to positive course adjustments and foster trust with students, even when not all feedback can be implemented.

Academic Director’s October Update – Increasing Student Engagement

This article discusses techniques for increasing student engagement to improve student learning outcomes.

Academic Director’s September Update – Starting the Academic Year

The article highlights the importance of flexibility and accommodation in the wake of the Okanagan fires as the academic year begins. It also discusses the impact of AI, particularly ChatGPT, on students and instructors in the context of learning and assessment. 

Academic Director’s April Update

Handling challenges with academic integrity and AI. UBCO Teaching Fellow awards deadline extended to April 14th and planning for the re-designed Honour Roll recognizing teaching excellence.