Peter Arthur

Faculty: Okanagan School of Education, Faculty of Education

Faculty website:

Teaching Fellow: 2023

Courses: EDUC 400, EDUC 436, directed studies

Teaching Awards: Killam Teaching Prize 2023; 2 Golden Apple Awards, 2 Thank-A-Prof, and 3 Teaching Honor Roll Awards; Teaching Related Fellowships: Senior Scholarly Teaching Fellow – BCCampus  2018 and Visiting Fellow – Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation, University of Queensland 2017

Teaching and Learning Activities related to Teaching Fellows

  • Member, Steering Committee, Teaching in Higher Education Certificate
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Advisory Group
  • Seminar Facilitator with CTL – Facilitated sessions on active learning strategies, facilitating seminars, active learning and giving feedback.
  • SoTL Research: Investigating Student Academic Procrastination: A Pilot Study Quantifying the Effectiveness of a Curricular Intervention on Academic Procrastination, and Academic Performance
  • Visiting Fellow at the University of South Australia
  • SoTL Research: Investigating university students’ use of artificial intelligence tools to support learning at UBC Okanagan and University of South Australia

Teaching Fellow opportunity provides

“Offers an opportunity to make contributions to teaching and learning both on campus and in broader educational contexts.”


Teaching Passions and Philosophy

“Over 35 years of teaching, my educational philosophy has evolved to prioritize the establishment of a secure and inclusive learning community. This community of care is crucial, serving as the foundation for students to actively engage in knowledge creation and sharing, essentially becoming teachers themselves. I am committed to crafting learning-centered environments that inspire transformative learning experiences, prompting students to reassess their identities and focus on personal and intellectual growth.
To achieve these goals, I leverage four key factors:

  • I) Pedagogy of Care, emphasizing pivotal student/student and student/faculty relationships;
  • II) Scholarly Approach, ensuring evidence-based teaching and learning strategy;
  • III) Learning-Centered Environment, intentionally structured around student needs and experiences; and
  • IV) Transformational Learning, promoting higher-level self-directed learning for a deeper understanding.

In essence, my evolving teaching approach aims to create a dynamic, caring, and transformative learning space where students not only create and share knowledge but also undergo significant personal and intellectual metamorphosis.”


Ongoing and Future Goals

  • Promote and foster scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning both on our campus and in broader academic contexts.
  • Explore the role of Artificial Intelligence as a significant teaching tool for faculty and a learning tool and competency for students in higher education.
  • Explore the incorporation of self-regulated learning strategies into our curriculum with the aim of enhancing student success.
  • Continue the development and refinement of motivation regulation curricular interventions that support students with strategies to reduce academic procrastination.