Tamara Ebl

Faculty: Faculty of Management

Faculty Website: management.ok.ubc.ca/about/contact/tamara-ebl/

Teaching Fellow: 2023 

Courses: MGMT 201, 202, 330, 360, 401, 403, 405, 419H, 531

Teaching Awards: UBC Okanagan Teaching Fellows Award [2023-2024]; UBC Okanagan ‘Golden Apple x I Am Accessible Awards’ [2023]; UBC ‘Thank a Prof’ [2014, 2016, 2022]; Selected as Model for UBC ‘Open Classroom’ Initiative [2018, 2020]; UBC ‘VOICE Golden Apple Awards’ [2018]; UBC Management Students Association (MSA) ‘Outstanding Service’ Award [2015] 

Teaching and Learning Activities related to Teaching Fellows

  • Active Member of Advisory Committee offering guidance and support in development of UBC Okanagan ‘Teaching in Higher Education Certificate’ 
  • Faculty of Management Undergraduate Curriculum Working Group  
  • CPA Mapping of Undergraduate Accounting Curriculum for Faculty of Management  
  • Coach for Academic Case Competitions 

Teaching Fellow opportunity provides

“… unique and welcome opportunities to intentionally engage with like-minded colleagues to benefit mutually from sharing of experiences and multi-disciplinary perspectives.” 

“… valued support in advocating for initiatives to advance teaching and learning resources and experiences.” 

Teaching Passions and Philosophy

 “I teach because I love to teach. I teach because I want to give back and hopefully be recognized by students as an educator who makes a difference for them.” 

“I believe in the adage that Great teachers are made, not born. Based on continuous practice, perseverance, and reflection, I pride myself on having evolved my teaching style considerably over the many years I have been teaching. In some regards my teaching has evolved organically and gradually. In other ways evolution of my teaching has been more drastic, sometimes at pivotal points (e.g., adoption of flipped classroom approach well before the COVID pandemic, and more dramatically the crisis-mode transition to online delivery effective that dreaded Friday the 13th, March2020).”  

“As a life-long learner, I confidently consider myself as less of a ‘lecturer’ and more of a ‘facilitator of learning’. I aim to create a comfortable but professional classroom environment. With a student-centric focus, I strive to present material in a highly interactive manner to promote student engagement and demonstrate the value of the topic for all participants. Favoring a flipped / blended learning model, I often introduce non-traditional delivery styles within and beyond the classroom to enhance the student experience. Throughout, I encourage students to focus as much on their professional development and enabling competencies as on their technical learning process.”  

“I take my role as educator very seriously. I pride myself on being firm but fair, highly approachable with a balance between light-hearted good-humor and strict sincerity. I seek to understand the learning styles and needs of individual students without compromising the overall learning environment for the class as a whole. An active advocate for the TEACHERS Well-Being Project (Training and Engaging Academics in their Classrooms to positively impact Health, Education and Resiliency in our Students), I aim to express empathy and encourage support for the physical and mental / emotional health of students and colleagues.” 

Ongoing and Future Goals

  • Actively participating in Communities of Practice, welcoming new ideas to continue enhancing and evolving my teaching style and approach. 
  • Exploring opportunities and challenges for GenAI tools in the teaching and learning space from the perspective of students, faculty and staff. Providing impactful contributions to development of UBC-wide principles and guidelines for responsible use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in teaching and learning.  
  • Continuing to advocate for well-being, with intentional interventions (both inside and outside of the classroom) to improve the experiences of students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Contributing to the development of Lifelong Learning accreditation for Faculty, intentionally advocating for and promoting to those who are not the ‘usual suspects’ for participating in CTL opportunities (e.g., those with precarious employment such as Lecturers, Sessionals, Adjuncts).