Midpoint Feedback

Using midpoint feedback is a worthwhile activity for you and your students. The Centre offers a midpoint survey administered through UBC’s survey tool, Qualtrics, for your students to access anonymously. You can choose what dates you want it to run (typically in October and February) and let us know which courses you want it available in and we can set it up through Canvas. We will send you the anonymous results when the final date of the survey arrives. We strongly encourage you to talk to your students about why you want their input at this time and remind them to fill out the anonymous survey a couple times during the scheduled survey time. When you receive the results, it is important to let the students know what the results were and whether there will be any changes that will affect them or the class as a result of the survey. The students will appreciate a chance to contribute to the success of the class. There are alternative ways to survey your class to get feedback on how the course is going for them.

Midpoint Feedback Suggestions
Start, Stop, Continue (Midpoint SSC Form)
Research on Midpoint Feedback