TPS Touchpoint: Wellbeing

This month’s highlighted results from the Teaching Practices Survey (TPS) focus on wellbeing.

  • 92% of respondents agreed with the statement “My teaching practices have an impact on student wellbeing.”
  • 66% of respondents discuss wellbeing topics with their students.
  • 60% of respondents share resources during class time to help students manage their wellbeing.
  • 41% of respondents agreed with the statement “My teaching workload negatively affects my (emotional/mental/physical) wellbeing.”

Please join us on May 7th, 2-3 pm (during Celebrate Learning Week) for an online presentation on TPS results related to wellbeing, “Keeping Wellbeing in the Teaching Loop.” We are interested in learning about the teaching practices you employ to support wellbeing!

For specific ideas to incorporate into your own teaching and facilitation, check out a 2-page summary of UBC research results on the Teaching Practices That Promote Student Wellbeing.

An overview of supports available to UBC students is available on the UBCO student support and resources webpage.

Note that the UBC Okanagan Content and Distribution of Course Syllabi Policy (Policy O-130), effective May 1st, 2024, requires all syllabi to include resources to support student success.

See Syllabus Checklist to Support the Implementation of Course Syllabi Policy on the CTL Course Syllabus page