Online Exam Management / Invigilation Workshop Recording

This 90 minute session explored a variety of factors, strategies and technologies that have been impacted in this new context of remote learning, assessment and evaluation. Facilitators discussed best practices, recommendations and considerations to promote academic honesty and fair evaluation of student work. We also introduced some tools for proctoring or invigilation of exams and the benefits and pitfalls of using these tools.

Online Final Exams – Summary of Resources (pdf)

View the November 17 recording

November 17 recording details:

0:00 Introduction
04:33 Invigilation or Not? – Brian Powell
13:15 Student and TA Online Exam Experience – Sarin Pokhrel
23:36 Open Book Remote Computerized Exams – Charlene Strumpel
35:00 Innovative Questions That Elicit Original Student Responses: Innovative Assessment Types – Hansika Dadlani
43:54 Respondus Lockdown Browser and Zoom for Exam Invigilation – Chad Davis
54:43 Invigilating with Zoom – Ernest Goh
1:04:27 Proctorio in a Large Class – Ramon Lawrence *NOTE: Proctorio is no longer permitted for use at UBC Okanagan (updated April 2021)
1:09:50 Experience with Proctorio – Derrick Wirtz
1:19:34 Academic Integrity – Tanya Forneris