TPS Touchpoint: Affordability of course materials and Open Educational Resources

This month’s highlighted results from the Teaching Practices Survey (TPS) focus on affordability of course materials and Open Educational Resources 

  • 90% of respondents take into consideration affordability for students when choosing required course materials 
  • 40% of courses require students to purchase, rent, or pay to access learning materials (either digital or print) such as textbooks or other books. 
  • 65% of participants would like asynchronous online resources or would attend an in-person or online workshop in the area of affordable materials and open educational resources (OER). 

There are many ways to make available course materials that are free of charge for your students. 

UBC Library provides Open Educational Resource Repositories to find materials, as well as support with adopting, adapting, creating, and assessing OERs. For additional free instructional materials and ideas and toolkits for creating your own “open” resources, visit Open UBC 

To connect with others passionate about OERs, join the upcoming Open Education Week celebration! These series of events will include a virtual showcase & poster session highlighting OER projects across UBC, workshops for getting started and exploring specific tools, and a special invited speaker.  

The TPS 2023 Okanagan Campus report is available on the Teaching Practices Survey website in both graphic and text formats. You may also want to skim our campus highlights that include key findings and notable changes since the 2018 survey.