Brad Wuetherick


Associate Provost, Academic Programs, Teaching and Learning


My key areas of expertise: Scholarship of teaching and learning, mentorship, undergraduate research, high impact educational practices, equity and student success, Indigenization of higher education, and academic development. 

My role within the team: I serve as the Associate Provost, Academic Programs, Teaching and Learning, and in that role ultimately oversee the CTL as a unit. My portfolio also includes supporting the teaching and learning strategy for UBCO, quality assurance, program development and renewal, learning technology governance, evaluation of teaching, and internationalization. 

My background: For more than 20 years, I have served in leadership roles related to teaching and learning. Prior to my current role at UBC, I served as: the Executive Director, Learning and Teaching in the Provost’s office at Dalhousie University; as the Program Director of the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness at the University of Saskatchewan; and in a variety of administrative leadership roles at the University of Alberta (including as their inaugural Director for the Undergraduate Research Initiative – previously called the Research Makes Sense for Students initiative). Originally trained as an historian, throughout the past twenty years I have been focused on research and scholarship related to teaching and learning in higher education. 

When I’m not working… As a father of three (aged 16, 13, and 8), it seems like most of my time away from work is splitting time being chauffeur, cheerleader, and supporter for their passions and activities. My passions, when I have time for them, are mostly related to music (playing saxophone, singing), reading (nonfiction, historical fiction, fantasy/science fiction), sports (the Oilers, rugby, soccer … in that order)the lake (particularly swimming), and gaming (board and card games, and tabletop RPGs primarily). 

Research & Publications relevant to work at the CTL:    

  • Lar-Son K, Langille D, Wuetherick B, & Kootenayoo T. (eds.) (forthcoming). Indigenous Knowledges and Open Education. (to be submitted to press in April 2024). 
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  • Turner N, Baker N, Hornsby D, Germaine-Rutherford A, Graham D, & Wuetherick B (In press). Online, Open and Equitable Education. Elon, NC: Elon University Centre for Engaged Learning Press.  
  • Azizi M, Foote S, Imad M, Wuetherick B, & Caulkins J (2023). Humanizing STEM Education: An Exploratory Study of Faculty Approaches to Course Redesign, Frontiers in Education (special issue – Centering Humanism in STEM Education), published for online early access.   
  • Moore J, Shanahan J, & Wuetherick B. (2022). “Scaling Up Access to High-Impact, Mentored Undergraduate Research Experiences”, in Mighty J, Christensen-Hughes J, and Stockley D (eds.) Taking Stock 2.0: Transforming Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Montreal, QC: McGill-Queens University Press. 
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