Kaltura is a video platform that enables instructors and students to create and share audio and video in Connect and in the new Learning Management System, Canvas. If you used Kaltura to create and upload video in Connect, you will find all the same videos and Kaltura features in Canvas. Instructors and students can access Kaltura My Media in Canvas through any Rich Content Editor with the Kaltura button . Instructors can give students access to Kaltura by making My Media and Media Gallery available in the Course Menu.

For support, contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning or emailĀ ctl.helpdesk@ubc.ca.
Learn More aboutĀ Kaltura.

Support Files:

Uploading Video to My Media in Canvas – PDF (video)

Recording with the Webcam in My Media in Canvas- PDF

Recording a Screencast using Kaltura CaptureSpace in Canvas- PDF

Inserting a Video in a Page in Canvas Using My Media – PDF

Adding Video to Media Gallery – PDF