Kaltura is a video platform for instructors and students to capture, upload, edit, publish, and embed video content directly in Canvas. You can also create video quizzes with Kaltura.


Availability Available within Canvas through My Media, Media Gallery and the Kaltura plugin within the Rich Content Editor. Add My Media and Media Gallery to your Canvas Course menu through Settings > Navigation.
Canvas Integration Works within Canvas. See “Important!” below.
Privacy Kaltura is FIPPA compliant and data is stored within Canada.
Similar Tools Snagit and Camtasia


There is a known issue that “Student View” (when the instructor views the course as a test student) does not act like a regular student for content uploaded through My Media – media embedded in your course content or in Media Gallery is not visible in Student View, but is visible to real students enrolled in the course. This is a technical quirk of the Canvas student view. Consider asking a student in your class to check your Canvas site as you create and post content.

About Kaltura

Kaltura is a video platform that enables instructors and students to create and share audio and video in Canvas. Instructors and students can access Kaltura My Media in Canvas through any Rich Content Editor with the plug button. Instructors can give students access to Kaltura by making My Media and Media Gallery available in the Course Menu.

Three Main Features

  1. My Media provides a collection of any media content you have uploaded to Canvas; the content in My Media is always the same, regardless of which course you are. Students and instructors all have their own My Media pages. The content uploaded to My Media is only visible to you.
  2. The Media Gallery is specific to each course. You can select content from My Media to publish on the course page. All students in the course will be able to see content you publish to the Media Gallery.
  3. KalturaCapture is a downloadable application which allows you to record video, audio, and share your screen. This application allows for quick creation of videos and is handy for creating recorded lectures.

Kaltura is especially useful because it allows you to post your media in many Canvas areas. Anywhere you see the Rich Content Editor (RCE), you can embed your media by clicking on the plug icon then select to embed Kaltura media.

Video Editing

Kaltura includes a basic video editor within Canvas which can be used to trim, clip or splice media.

Video Quizzes

Adding Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQ) to Kaltura media lets you embed quiz questions directly in your video. As students watch the video, the quiz questions will appear at chosen points, stopping the video. After each question is answered, the video will continue. Kaltura IVQ can also pass outcomes to the Canvas gradebook, meaning students’ answers to your video quizzes can automatically impact their grade.

Automatic Captioning

Increase accessibility to your audio and video files by adding captioning. With Kaltura, you can generate automatic captions (using machine captioning) then manually fine-tune the captions afterwards.

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