Kaltura is a media platform where you and your students can create and share media content in Canvas. Kaltura lets you record, upload, publish, search, and embed media directly in one or multiple Canvas courses. Kaltura also allows you to edit media, create shorter clips from existing media, and add interactive quizzes to videos that can pass grades to Canvas.

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Access You can access Kaltura through Canvas (via My Media and Media Gallery), or log in to the Teaching & Learning Media Portal.
Instructor Guide (LT Hub) Start here for a full description and primer of Kaltura.
Support Guides (LT OK) Explore further with ‘how-to’ with our Kaltura tutorials and eg.
Similar Tools Kaltura is the only centrally-supported tool for storing and streaming videos. However, other centrally supported tools can help you record videos.


During the month of April 2023, we strongly recommend not changing your Kaltura videos or metadata. You should also download any Kaltura media analytics or interactive video quiz results that you want to retain. In April, UBC is moving Kaltura videos hosted at UBC into the Kaltura cloud. This change will temporarily disrupt saving changes to videos in April, and it will reset video analytics, quiz results, and comments on May 1.

Read more – LT Hub April 3, 2023

What can I use it for?

  • Recording, storing, and streaming lectures, presentations, or other media course content
  • Creating interactive video quizzes to increase student engagement
  • Embedding videos in Canvas assignments, quizzes, or announcements
  • Adding closed captioning and transcripts to videos

Additional Resources

  • Kaltura Training Videos (UBC Teaching and Learning Media)
  • Kaltura 101: A Self-Paced Online Course UBC offers a self-paced Kaltura training course. This includes six modules that can be accessed in any order, covering the following topics:
    • Getting Started
    • Media Editing Tool
    • Interactive video quizzes
    • Course Media Gallery
    • Media Management
    • Assignments and Discussions