Turnitin is online software which checks student papers for originality of the writing to prevent plagiarism and provides detailed instructor and peer feedback for each student.


Availability Instructors must request an account from LT Hub. Once an account is activated, access it at turnitin.com.
Canvas Integration None
Privacy Turnitin is NOT FIPPA compliant; data is stored in the United States. See Important! below.


Information submitted to Turnitin is stored in the United States. Students should remove identifying information, such as their name and student number, from the text of any assignment submitted to Turnitin. It is recommended that students use an alias or pseudonym and let the instructor know the alias.

About Turnitin

Turnitin can be used to check student papers for originality and possible plagiarism.

UBCO uses Turnitin to do the following:

  • OriginalityCheck – submitted papers are compared for matches or similar text to information in available repositories used by Turnitin. The results of this comparison are made available in the easy to read format of the Originality Report.
  • PeerMark – student submissions are assigned to peers for review based on a series of free response and scale questions created by the instructor. Peer reviews can be anonymous or attributed.

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